Asian Emissions Technology Conference
in association with EGCSA
6 November 2017, Singapore

Asian Emissions Technology Conference<br> in association with EGCSA

Asian Emissions Technology Conference 2017

Given the apparently very light touch preparations for “2020” it might be assumed that plans are in place throughout the merchant shipping to commence compliance around June 2019 – only 19 months away from the start of this Asian Emissions Technology conference. The reality is confusion over the implications, cost, longevity and legal compliance effectiveness of the choices available.

This conference will inform delegates on the real story rather than the politics and marketing spin. Attendees will depart the conference with a full picture of the future shape of marine emissions controls how bunkers suppliers will really respond to the 0.50%S demand and the consequences of current and future technology solutions. 

This conference will take place on the day before the Annual Asian Marine Engineering conference which runs on the 7 & 8 November, more details can be found here

About the EGCSA

Member companies of the Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems Association are involved in the development, design and final installed configuration and design approval and acceptance of turnkey exhaust gas cleaning systems to meet the current and future emissions regulations of IMO and where applicable additional regulations introduced by regional and national authorities.

Due to the diversity of exhaust emissions and technology solutions, Member’s technologies vary in operating principles, design, size, power requirements and ancillary demands. “One size does not fit all” so it is important to make enquiries with all the members in order to establish technology that will be most suited to your application.






Testimonials from our other Asian events:

“It was brilliantly organised, well moderated and very interactive – amongst the best I have come across. In one sentence – the best in Singapore.”
Rajiv Biswas, Chellsea Pte Ltd.

"The event is really fitted and the duration – 2 days – is perfect. Very instructive conference covering almost all different aspects of the business.”
Christian de Bérail, Bourbon

"Excellent combination of interesting topics and networking." – Yrjar Garshol, Vice President Marketing - Offshore, Rolls-Royce Marine AS

"A very good mix of content (financial, technical, operations). A good mix of stakeholders (banks, owners, operators, shipyards.)"- Bernard Tan, Fleet Manager, Svitzer Asia Pte Ltd

"It's just excellent." -Shu Jun, General Manager, Focal Marine & Offshore

“Your conferences always serve to put me into direct contact with the market” - Robert Bohn, President and Chief Executive Officer, Vanuatu Maritime Services



Photo courtesy of Pierpaolo Lanfrancotti.

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