Asian Emissions Technology Conference
in association with EGCSA
6 November 2017, Singapore

Asian Emissions Technology Conference<br> in association with EGCSA




08.00 Registration, coffee and networking in the exhibition area

09.00 Welcome address from platinum sponsor
Jackson Davis, Director – Global Client Group, Gulf Oil Marine

09.10 Welcome from conference chairmen
Don Gregory, Director, EGCSA & Technical Director, Gulf Oil Marine
Edwin Lampert, Head of Content, Riviera Maritime Media



MARPOL Annex VI Regulation 14 was industry’s response relating to the impact of acid rain on flora and fauna in northern Europe. Some 20 years on, the regulation has been amended to cap sulphur globally and further reduce emissions in ECAs. Will the amendments to the regulation truly provide air quality improvements?

09.15 Will IMO’s revision of Regulation 14 in MARPOL Annex VI really improve human and environmental health?
Professor Ralf Zimmermann, Full Professor of Analytical Chemistry, Institute of Chemistry, University of Rostock


Hydrocarbons will provide the energy of choice for shipping for at least another 20 years. Judging the price of that energy choice and how it will affect ship operations and profitability will be crucial.  

09.45 Is HSFO the marine fuel post 2020?
Kjeld Aabo, Head of Marine and Offshore Sales, MAN Diesel & Turbo

10.05 Did the IMO fuels availability study get it right? Will compliant fuel be readily available in all major bunker ports?
Victor Shum, Vice President IHS Markit, IHS Singapore 

10.25 How to execute trouble free scrubber retro-fit installation
Goran Fransson, Commercial Director, Baltec Marine - Trident Maritime Systems

10.40 Q&A

11.00 Networking coffee break in the exhibition area sponsored by Vimex

11.40 EGCSA member presentation
Wash-water discharge compliance
Stephanie Lavelle, Maritime Manager, Chelsea Technologies Group

11.50 Consistent treatment of scrubber washwater
Kenneth Johansen, VP Sales, LiqTech International


Shipowners need to prepare for 1 January 2020 long before the compliance date. Training, documentation, engine tuning, tank cleaning etc must be included in the 2020 conversion plan. But the ship’s crew are on the frontline of compliance. With so many aspects to prepare for 2020 compliance, how will they cope and avoid falling foul of environmental laws?

12.00 Is 2020 a simple fuel switch or a detailed planning and execution activity?
Daniel Evans, Senior Fleet Technical Superintendent, AW Ship Management

12.20 Will vessel lubrication need to be considered?
Jackson Davis, Director – Global Client Group, Gulf Oil Marine

12.40 Q&A

12.50 Networking lunch break in the exhibition area

13.50 Alternative Fuels - Is Bio Fuel a sustainable alternative to conventional marine fuel
Dr Prapisala Thepsithar, Senior Scientist, Nanyang Technological University

14.10 Alternative Fuels - The latest thinking on the application of Methanol as a marine fuel
Chris Chatterton, COO, Methanol Institute

14.30 EGCSA member presentation
When safety matters
Nicklas Gillberg, Product Manager, Monitoring, Consilium Marine & Safety, Consilium Marine & Safety


Will appropriate fuel selection avoid the need for technology to meet future emissions regulations? Will human health impacts and black carbon drive advanced-gas cleaning technologies? Do current wet scrubber systems meet buyer’s needs? And how do reported problems with the reliability and effectiveness of many ballast water systems factor into the equation?

14.40 Can fuel selection avoid the future application of emissions technology?
Francesco Di Natale, Research Professor, University of Naples

15.00 What are the capabilities of current and future exhaust-gas treatment systems?
Mark West, Marine Engineering Consultant, Sustainable Maritime Solutions 

15.20 Will there be integrated exhaust-gas treatment systems with push-button operation?
Anders Skibdal, Technical Director, Pureteq

15.40 Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensors – The capabilities provided by new digital technology
Patrice Flot, Senior Technical Director, CMR Group

16.00 Q&A

16.10 Networking coffee break in the exhibition area sponsored by Vimex

16.50 EGCSA member presentation
Scrubbing in a 2020 World
Nicholas Confuorto, President and COO, CR Ocean Engineering


The current fleet of ferries and roros in the North Sea ECAs have made significant savings from retrofitting wet scrubbers. What might a winning strategy look like for 2020 compliance? 

17.00 EGCSA Member Presentation
Scrubber wash water monitoring by Sigrist
Felix Joller, International Sales Manager, SIGRIST-PHOTOMETER

17.10 How will the winners have made cost savings in their 2020 financial accounts?

17.30 Q&A

17.40 Closing remarks from the conference chairmen
Don Gregory, Director, EGCSA & Technical Director, Gulf Oil Marine
Edwin Lampert, Head of Content, Riviera Maritime Media

17.45 Networking drinks reception in the exhibition area

18.45 Close of conference


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